User-centered design and data-driven strategy.

👋 Hi, I’m Adrian. I practice inclusive design and digital strategy focusing on website optimization.

Please get in touch if you have a question or a project you’d like to discuss.

What I do

I make it easier for people to locate information and complete tasks by optimizing aspects of user experience that influence pathways to and through your site:

  1. Architecture 🏛 — the structure of your content,
  2. Findability 🔎 — how easily users can find what they search for, and
  3. Accessibility ♿️ — ensuring it works for everyone.

While these factors can be tackled independently, it is better to address them as a system: including both the technology and the people who operate it.

Venn diagram of how things are vs. should be with overlap labeled ‘Good place to start’
User experience is hard: Accepting the problem with help from Randall Monroe

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Where to find me

I’m on Mastodon, LinkedIn, electronic mail, and a few other places.