About Adrian

🚶‍♂️ I’m Adrian, a user experience designer and web technologist based in Middletown, CT. Walking is my favorite way to get around.

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Contact me like it’s 1999 ajc@adriancooke.net or 2019 @adriancooke@indieweb.social.

Adrian and G laughing
Hanging with my friend G in the summertime (photo by Elena Grossman)

About me

I live in Middletown, Connecticut with Elena the Convealer and a character known as Genie. By day I work on UX design at CivicActions. I also provide consulting services to clients who want to boost their website’s business performance.

I come from a place people originally called Meeanjin until a new bunch of people sailed in with prisoners and made themselves at home. My blog Zero to One-Eighty explores the idea that everyone has a point of view, but not necessarily the same power to share it.

The 90s run deep in my veins.
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