Your privacy on this site

🙈 Here’s what you need to know about how this site collects and uses data. This page was last updated on July 15, 2021.

Adobe Fonts

I use Adobe Fonts to license and serve the FF Meta typeface. Your browser requests font files and stylesheets from the CDN to render the font, and a counter “pixel” from to tally my account usage. As with any site, your browser sends your IP address and browser type. Adobe may store these details in server logs.

Google Search

I get reports from Google about the search keywords visitors use to get here. These data are aggregated and are not associated with any visit details (IP address, browser, etc.).

Server logs

The server for collects only what your browser sends to request and receive the page: your IP address and browser type. These records are stored in server logs along with time of visit, and the assets served to show you the page (e.g. HTML, images, CSS, etc.). Logs are automatically deleted when they are older than six months. I cannot personally identify you based on these data.


This site does not set cookies.


This site does not use analytics.

Data sharing

Other than what Adobe receives to download the font (IP and browser, as mentioned above), data collected on are not shared with anyone.


Please get in touch if you have a question or data request.