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🗺 My work focuses on usability and business performance for websites. I specialize in optimizations that improve search visibility, accessibility, and user experience.

Learn more about my recent projects, earlier work, and clients.

Recent projects

Optimizing accessibility on

♿️ Bringing up to the WCAG 2.0 AA standard and building a system of modular components to foster inclusive design.

Syracuse University’s unified calendar

📅 An accessible, SEO-friendly event marketing platform that serves as a one-stop shop for a large community to discover and promote events.

Rebuilding the Syracuse University website

📡 A major redesign that dramatically increased SEO, boosting organic traffic with a fast, mobile-friendly, and accessible flagship website.

Earlier work

Creating community through Wesconnect

🎯 A destination site and weekly newsletter that increased user engagement, improved audience intelligence, and broadened the fundraising base.

The Wesleyan Storytelling Project

🎙 A podcast inviting alumni to describe experiences of college in their own words, and share those meanings with each other.

Wesleyan University’s topic-driven redesign

⚙️ Wesleyan’s 2009 redesign was tested for accessibility, targeted prospective students, adopted topic-based navigation, and surfaced timely content via RSS.


🤝 I provide consulting services to help businesses improve their website performance. Client work includes technical SEO and content auditing, ecommerce platform migration, site restructure, domain management, and web hosting.

Recent clients: